What I’m reading: “Circe” by Madeline Miller

This book is SO GOOD. I have always loved mythology stories, but especially love retellings from another perspective. If you are familiar with Greek mythology you may remember from the Odyssey the witch Circe where Odysseus and his crew got trapped on her island for a year. This is the story retold from Circe’s point-of-view and how her exile and mistreatment by mortal men and Gods alike led her to find her own power from her skills as a sorceress. A feminist perspective to be sure, but also a compelling retelling that flows vibrantly. Highly recommended!


For the love of British knitting magazines

I gotta say, as much as there is a treasure trove of fiber-related tools, books and supplies available in the U.S. nothing can compare to how amazing the knitting magazines published in the U.K. are(Okay, next to Japanese craft magazines, but that’s another blog post). I have read a lot of knitting magazines published here in the U.S. but they just don’t pull me in like publications like Rowan or Mollie Makes does. Perhaps it is my English and Scottish ancestors legacy of Fair Isle and Cable-Knit pullovers that make me swoon over the designs but I can’t help it, it’s just better. Or maybe just more in line with my aesthetics. I do after all, have a thing for British historical dramas and Jane Austen novels…
My latest discovery was a magazine called PomPom (even the name is cute). One of my favorite craft bloggers posted this sweater yesterday to her blog and I instantly fell in love. I not only love this sweater. I NEED to make this sweater.

The entire issue is based off of lunar themes! How cool is that? You can pre-order this issue from their website (which I did) from I can’t wait to make this, stay on the lookout for it on future posts!

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My love of craft notions

It’s no secret that I love craft supplies, but when it comes to those little thingamabobs that make completing a project easier, I’m on it.

I especially love when they are cute, or pretty, or even downright extravagant. I’ve spent hours online coveting a pair of Signature knitting needles or Furls crochet hooks but not quite willing to shell out $30 for a single crochet hook when I already have 2 complete hook sets at home.

I am proud of some of the unique tools I have been able to get my hands on though. This includes a naalbinding needle made of bone, a set of dpns that are made of Carbon Fiber (the same material as stealth bombers), light-up crochet hooks and glow-in-the-dark embroidery floss in a variety of shades. I’m sure the list is much more extensive than that, but here’s a new one to add to the list: it’s a needle minder that’s also a Llama! I bought it from the Etsy Shop MadebyRachel¬†(she also has some really cute project bags for sale). It had to cross the pond to get here but it’s so adorable and since I love anything fiber-related, even the animals they came from such as sheep, llamas and alpacas, it was perfect.

To be honest, I didn’t even know what a needle minder was until right before I ordered this. It’s used in stitching crafts like embroidery and cross stitch and is held together by a really strong magnet, that you can attach to your fabric so when you have to put down your work, you don’t lose your needle. I thought it was a brilliant idea and since I’ve got the embroidery bug again and have been obsessing over starting a new stitching project, I couldn’t resist!

What types of craft tools do you drool over, or own that you just LOVE?



I made a thing! And my irrational fear of sewing machines


It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything but I wanted to share my most recent completed project, a baby sling for my sister in-law who just had her third boy! The pattern I used is the Mei Tai Baby Carrier¬†from Sew Liberated.

I’m a beginner sewist, but have had an interesting relationship with the craft in my process of learning. I bought my first sewing machine in 2006 but didn’t use it until 2017 (yes, my machine sat in a closet for 11 years) when I embarked on my first sewing project which was a period-accurate Viking Apron dress pattern that I had drafted myself. Not your typical path to sewing! Anyway, why did it take so long to get it out? For some reason I had an irrational fear of sewing machines. I’m primarily a knitter and dabble a little in cross stitch and embroidery, so I’m more comfortable with lo-tech craft that doesn’t involve knobs and buttons and maybe I was afraid of sewing my hand by accident (I actually almost did that during this project)? After tackling the Herculean task of sewing my own dress I retreated into the comfort of knitting and crochet until I received a re-conditioned Singer machine from my Father In-Law for Christmas. So again, I had to force myself to overcome my fears and learn a new sewing machine and I think I semi-succeeded! It may have taken almost a month to finish but it’s done and adorable! I had my stuffed Spike model since I lack a baby. Also, Incredibles fabric! What should I sew next?





Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog! For those of you reading this who don’t know me, my name is Jenny and I have a crafting addiction. I’m also a librarian. Both crafting and reading take up a lot of my time and are things I like to talk about CONSTANTLY. To perhaps rein that in a little, I figured what better way than to have a dedicated space to share my enthusiasm for all things crafty and book-related. I’m a knitter (have been knitting for close to 20 years) but also crochet, spin yarn, weave, embroider, sew, make jewelry and even delve into a little bit of cooking. Hope you enjoy reading!